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I have had the privilege of building my design expertise professionally over the last 20+ years, generating a diverse portfolio that showcases a wide range of design projects. With hands-on involvement in all aspects of the creative process from concept to completion in both digital and print environments, I'm experienced with tablet & mobile formats and have overseen print production, from pre-press to execution. My experience with and passion for working in many fine art mediums – drawing, sketching, airbrushing, painting, and woodworking – gives me a creative edge, a sharp eye for detail, and a thirst for perfecting my craft.



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My work

About me

Well seasoned Art Director who likes to color
outside the lines


Having worked freelance and as part of a larger design team, I have experience being a leader, a teammate and an individual contributor. I possess discipline, creativity, spirit and enthusiasm best described as a well seasoned Art Director who likes to color outside the lines. I get great satisfaction from working with a team and enjoy inspiring others with my vitality and positive energy.


My balanced approach to design encompasses an appreciation for clean, tight style as well as a drive to enhance, personalize and customize all that I touch, qualities that have been with me since childhood.


While all colors generate their own unique moods and tones, orange best sums up my character – friendly, warm, optimistic, extroverted, good-natured and a generally agreeable person, with a flamboyant side.

My Toolbox


Adobe CS6 suite – Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Muse, Microsoft Office Suite
including Powerpoint. I also have a working knowledge of



Personal Interests


Anything that goes fast, movies (even the B ones), audio & visual electronics, Del Taco, good ribs, fish 'n' chips, music, dirt bikes, custom anything, Zebra 0.5 pencils, an afternoon nap, being outdoors with tons of sunscreen, kickin' back with friends, family, laughter and of course, design.

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